Christmas and/or Halloween in July.

I thought it might be kind of fun if we had a week in July where VFK went Christmas! A few snowball rolls/host events, a couple of christmasy items, decorating victorian and the garden with their christmas garb would be really cool.

Halloween in July might also be kind of fun. Ghost Invasion, some pumpkin rolls/host events, and some halloween items, maybe a maze would be awesome. 



  • CIJ

    How awesome would that be!! GOOD IDEA ACE!

  • I love this idea! Christmas in july would be a lot of fun. I also like the idea of it being just a week long - so we don't miss out on too many summer items. I think it would be fun to mix summer/christmas. I think we have a sand snowman already but it would be fun to expand on that and give some more christmas themed summer items for a week.
  • Yes long ago I used to do a Christmas in July Event. Still have the rooms, so maybe I will do it this July.
  • This could be really fun! I'm down for it.  
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