Curious Silver Hand Sculpture

Is Space Merchants the same thing as the Galactic Trading Post?  I can't seem to find the Curious Silver Hand Sculpture.  Can anyone please  tell me where it is being sold?  Thanks!


  • Space Merchants Mission is in Galactic Space Post. The Curious Silver Hand Sculpture is a new addition to the prize list. To start a mission, click the square scanner in front of Miss Solaria and it will show a pop up wherein you can have your space bottle scanned. To get space bottles, you will need to play Space Pirates and it randomly awards the bottle!

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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  • I think it may only be from the bottles that talk about the Silver Phantom, here is the pop-up I took a picture of it.

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  • Thank you all for your replies!  I have done space missions before but never realized it was called Space Merchants lol.  Now I know!  I'm off to go on a mission!  Thanks again!!  :)
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