Looking for Pins

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Looking for the following pins! I can offer Icecream, HOST Hats, Lava Lamps, Flickering Pumpkins, or Credits!

(12x) Checkers Pin
(8x) Night Fighters Pin
(7x) Laser Tag Pin
(12x) Audubon Wildlife Adventure Pin
(13x) 1 YA Pin
(7x) Playful Giraffe HOST Pin
(10x) Spring Frog Pin)
(15x) Crossword HOST Pin
(15x) Burger HOST Pin
(15x) Hippo HOST Pin
(10x) Apple HOST Pin
(7x) Friday the 13th Ghost Hunter Pin


  • Okay this is a list of what I have (that I know of) that you're interested in. :)

    —Green Q (x5)

    —Red Q (x5)

    —Football Jersey 2014 - Blue and Green 

    —Football Jersey 2015 - Blue and Green

    —Football Jersey 2016 - White, Blue, and Orange

    —Football Jersey 2017 - Red, Black, and White

    —Key Necklace

    —Lifeguard Visor

    —Lifeguard Shirt

    —Apple HOST Pin (x4)

    —Mothers Day 2009 Pin (x9)

    —Laser Tag Pin (x1)

  • oops wrong thread lol sorry about that

  • Bump! Updated!
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