Things that won't go into the wardrobe

So, as I was going through my clothing inventory, purging some things to be forever tossed into a wardrobe, I came across a number of items that cannot be put into a wardrobe but are under the clothing tab.  That being said, here is the list that I've compiled! hopefully we can get a quick fix on this! 

Reindeer sleighs (all)
ALL racing outfits
Ghost dragon hair-cotton candy (long and styled)
Ghost dragon hair diamond (long and styled)
ALL contest clothing (the winning stuff/participation stuff)
Member hats (Carnac etc.)
Nutcracker- Uncle Drosselmeyer outfit
Santa hats and scarves
Carry trick or treat buckets
Skull biker hairs
Ghost dragon holdable lantern
10th anniversary beta clothes
Enchanted butterfly hair- azure-boy
Olympian warrior-hair-boy
Alien appearance-psython-boy
Mountain rider-hair-dark purple-boy
Mountain rider-hair-light red-boy
Prehistoric hair- blond-boy
Phoenix rider outfit
Mountain rider-hair-waterall purple-boy
Mountain rider-hair-jet black-boy
Mountain rider-hair- medium red-boy
Mountain rider-hair-dark brown-boy
Mountain rider-hair-warfall blond- boy
Mountain rider-hair-red-boy
Reindeer bridle
Reindeer saddle
Dragon lord clothes
Frost fairy clothes
Mountian rider-hair-candy cane
Mountain rider-hair-strawberry blond-boy
Mountain rider hair-dark blond-boy
Mountain rider hair-blond-boy
Mountain rider hair - silver- boy

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