Idea for western age

I think it would be really cool if a gold mine was added to western age. Here is how it would work, first you would go to mercantile and buy a pick ax, miners helmet and outfit and pan from the store. Then you would go to the mine and you would have two options, either go inside the mine. Which you can only access if you are wearing the helmet and outfit and holding the ax, or you could hold the pan and and sit while wearing the outfit and try to dig for gold out of the river/stream. Once you collected gold from either inside/outside of the mine you can use it for crafting jewelry or sell it to the store owner and he will give credits for it or something of equal value from his stores. Items not sold in the actual store, but new items added that you can trade/barter for such as better mining equipment or western furni/clothing items. Also when you are mining you won't always find gold. Gold will be hard to get and would require the player to sit/stand for a while until some starts popping up in the are they are mining. Mining in the river/stream will cause the player to get rocks, fish, trash, and other objects someone might throw into a stream. Mining in the mine will cause rocks to tumble so be care which areas you chose to mine in. Also another item that you can barter for from the shop keeper is dynamite. The dynamite should really rare/hard to get because of how much damage it can cause. I was also thinking there could be an npc near the river that you can sell fish to that you caught. 
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