new game Idea

Hello @VFK_Enigma, @VFK_Mintie , @VFK_Cactus , @VFK_Bondi , @VFK_Vintage , @VFK_Sky

I loved when you came up with the shark/zombie game, it reminded me of Angry birds, which was a big hit.

It would be great if you could create another game, along the lines of candy crush, that gives out clothing items, furniture and pins as you passed levels ( just like shark/zombie).  This would be a great addition to the games we have currently!

For passing the first board, we can get a pin that keeps count of how many boards we completed ( like the snow ball fight pin)

then for every 10 boards successfully passed we can obtain items like furniture, clothing, hats, pins, etc....

Also, will you be updating the shark/zombie game to include more rounds and prizes????

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