Birthday Wishes


  • There will be a birthday party at 8 pm eastern tonight for all our Groundhoggers. Check the calendar and event tab for more information.

    GOLDENPUPPYgoldenpuppypicturetacocatTHANKS TACOCAT!!

  • Thank you so much for making this picture, that is very nice of you. I feel so bad I was not online this year for my party! I was with my family during the time of the party. I wish I was on... how was it? I hope you all had a blast. Perhaps I can have a belated groundhogs party :) Happy birthday @bingobabe and @purpleduck
  • Sorry I missed the party because I went to a classical concert! HAPPY groundhog birthday to all of you! :D

    ABOUT: Signed up: February 2017 Miss Clue only: March 2017 Regularly playing the kingdom: April 2017 hehehehehe...... Came for MISS CLUE, stayed for VFK <3

    Miss Clue Mysteries Border 2 


    VFK gift is nice  VFK GIFTTTTTTTTT's BIRTHDAY  VFK not high class enough lololol
    VFK refuse to believe im mad
    VFK re-gift lol
    VFK shy no shy scale
    VFK staff read my mind 

    funny surfer quotes
  • happy groundhog birthday :)

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