Weekly thread updates?

Forgive me, I know it’s way too early for many of you, but where I am right now on vacation is 2:24 in the afternoon. (I’m posting from my cellular device, so if I have any errors in my grammar, don’t make me walk the plank!)

I was just thinking about how a few years ago on the forum we had a bunch of would you rather games, weekly giveaways, meetings on what we would like to see in vfk, etc...

I would love to bring all of that back, especially the tiny little games and giveaways. Whether it’s simple credits or maybe an extra item from a quest or gold stamp item such as the “modern mannequin”.

However, I don’t want to excessively post and annoy people. Who would like to see these topics posted on the thread again?

Thanks for the read, have a wonderful day guys.
Thread updates
  1. Should I start posting weekly giveaways, games...etc?
    1. Yes!!!
    2. Stop while you’re at it
    3. I have no clue

A big thank you to @purrfect for drawing my wonderful signature!


  • Ive seen some players post giveaways randomly or during holidays and people seem to be very active in these fun posts, I do not think anyone would mind more fun on the forums :)
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