Gardening & Heritage Seeds?

So I've just recently gotten into gardening and I'm looking for tips! How do you get the gardening pins? How does heritage work? Is there a set day that plants can be harvested? IE every 3 days, every 5 days, etc. Just looking for anything helpful or any tricks to the trade! Also looking for any seeds not available in the store atm :) Trading credits.
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  • Every month (usually 3rd or 4th week) the badges are given out for any heirloom plants you are currently planting.  If you're just starting out and you have 10 heirloom plants currently growing, you will get those 10 badges on that day.  You'll only get the badge once, and they are not tradeable.  I'm not sure on the set days that plants can be harvested.  I try and check mine after five days, then daily until i can harvest them.  After I harvest them, I'll plant some more but the new ones don't harvest on the same days as the earlier ones.  So I'll wait until they can all be harvested the same day.

  • The heirloom seeds releases out to the gardeners who has previous heirloom seeds planted every 22nd (patterned after their May 22 game launch) of every month. If you have all 30+ planted for the first time, you will then get a badge per plant only once and non tradable like Brain said. What I did is I gathered all plants last year, planted them all and caught up with 20+ then now I just plant recent seeds, to get the next one. Once I get the next seed, I again plant a couple of them for the next seed release. Repeating this cycle every month so I'm updated! 

    I don't count my harvest but I'm assuming 7 days maximum is harvest.


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  • I harvest mine weekly, usually i can get 3 weeks worth of seeds before the plant wilts, but different seeds, i feel, have different amounts? Like I had a plant for over a month before it wilted. 
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