Un-combining Magics

So, after talking with some people, we were saying how VFK magics are really hard to come by anymore and it may have something to do with how many have been combined over the years.  That being said, some people are stuck with 2 or 3-star magic that they aren't able to do much with or 5-star magic that just is not as valuable as the 1 stars.  (Q magics for example). 

That being said, I was thinking that we should be able to un-combine those magics!  It would help a lot of people be able to afford more things as well as get more of the magic back into the trading scene since most people find the 2,3,4, and 5-star magic to be not as appealing as the 1-star magic.  

If we do this, the trading market might be more effective and get us back into seeing more big valued items traded more often! 


  • I haven't really traded for a q magic in months for that reason. It would be nice to have the option to do either or. No one really trades for 5 stars except for a select few, but even then - the option to either combine or uncombine would be nice. I'm one of those who's stuck with a 3 star. I have a 3 star q that's pointless. I'm not gonna trade for 2 q only to combine it and then be stuck with a 5 star that's hardly even worth a 3 star.. It just makes them all pointless. I can't even trade it because no one wants it.
    Also.. Considering we're 10 years into the game, there's SO many magics that are stuck on retired players accounts. So the amount of magic left is very slim. Being able to uncombine will help get more magic out there so more players can enjoy them.
    I really don't see a reason why we wouldn't be able to. I think it'd make a great saturday surprise.
  • I am here to support this!
  • This would be a great saturday surprise option!!!  I would love to be able to uncombine some of my older magics and it would certainly make trading more enticing!

    Also Can we PLEASE make all furniture sellable!  its been 10 years and our inventories are getting quite full!!!
  • Yes!! Let us un-combine! Ive mistakenly combined magics dozens of times and now they are stuck on my account. I only collect 1*s and very few trade for any *s other than 1 or 5 so it just takes up room in my inventory and catches dust :(

  • Don't really have anything to add, but I am in full support of this! :)
  • I am in full support of this! :}
  • You have my vote!
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • I think it would really improve value because I believe more people would combine enchantment if they knew they could un-combine it later!  That way a 5 star would be worth the same amount as 5 one stars!
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    We can uncombine now, you're late sis
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    Lauryn said:

    Another friendly bump!

    We can uncombine now, you're late sis

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