Do you have a Christmas login?

Hiya guys!

I love Christmas and was just curious if any of you decorate your login room for Christmas.
If you're entering the room contest this year please do not share any photos of your entry here! Though I would love to see them after judging is over :) 
I'd like this post to be just login rooms.

I might add some more to it but here's my Christmas login this year:
I have Hark! the Harold Angels Sing playing on my record player since it's one of my favorite Christmas records on VFK :)
Shoutout to the lone present under the tree :))

art gallery 2
"All he wanted was a hug and Piper set him on fire" - VFK_Vintage
"If I had a bucket of cheese spread and a mop ... I'd coat the floor in cheesiness." - VFK_Enigma
"I'm sorry I ruined your lives and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR.” - Buddy the elf
"Panic! at the Space Party Boat" - VFK_Vintage


  • It's  beautiful!
  • Here's my messy christmas login room :)) I have used this room ever since it came out!christmaslogin

  • I agree, the Dyer Foyer is the best for Christmas! Still have my mess from my first Christmas last year, lol!


    Christmas 2018 LOG IN

    ABOUT: Signed up: February 2017 Miss Clue only: March 2017 Regularly playing the kingdom: April 2017 hehehehehe...... Came for MISS CLUE, stayed for VFK <3

    Miss Clue Mysteries Border 2 

    VFK survival gear outfit party
    VFK thanksgiving party in garden
    2019 SprIng SpAce MISS PIGGY
    2019 SprIng SpAce


    Thank you purrrfect for the awesome surprise drawing! 
  • I love seeing rooms decorated for Christmas! Your rooms are so festive!

    Here's mine - I need to figure out where I'm going to fit this year's Christmas bears in it.

    christmas vfk
  • These are fun! I just set up my login room -- will look generally the same aside from a few decorations to match the month/holidays. Mine is like 2% Christmas compared to all of yours hahaha

    Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 7.57.51 PM
  • @bluewiz
     it looks like the statue is about to shoot the teddies o_o
    Sheep_Trimmed blossomflower Sheep_Trimmed  - Just ask if you'd like me to make you a GIF or Sig Bar!
  • Here is my "messy but home" room lol

    The rest of you put mine to shame
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • 2018-12-24 02_29_38 AM UncleB - UncleB's Polar Bear Lodge Login

    I love Christmas theme Login rooms! Great Job Everyone! Merry Christmas!
  • These all look wonderful!! Here's mine!
    :D login
    Just an artist who loves anime and video games!
  • Wow nice @UncleB  and @TacoCat!! Why does mine look the worst? O.o
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

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