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I will unfortunately be unable to attend tonight and tomorrow's Antique Shop... thus in order to keep my antique set complete Im going to need 1 of each item released!

*Furniture: I will need one of each item, but will happily trade for extras!
*Clothing: I will need one of each GIRL item, and will happily trade for extra hats / carry items!
*Pins: I will need 2 of each.
*FX: I will need 3 of each.

Shoot me a list below of what extra items you have available or send me a PM here on Miss Clue. Ill be back tonight around 9pm and will respond to any messages then :)

I am more than willing to over offer on items in order to keep my set complete! I do have some of the antique items previously released from Halloween 2017 through Halloween 2018... as well as thousands of other items.



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