Christmas ideas

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I'd really love
  •  a gingerbread train, ifferent cars, 3D, not flat like cookies.
  • a wreath of lights - no greens or flowers
  • gingerbread turrets
  • snow carpets with footprints in them
  • a peppermint version of the gingerbread frosting (edging) 
  • palm trees with the trunks strung with lights
  • a version of the yellow elf buddy costume to wear


  • I like the palm tree idea! Those would actually be great for anytime of the year! :)


    HUGS buddy! :'D

  • For sure!
    Holly said:

    I like the palm tree idea! Those would actually be great for anytime of the year! :)

  • I really hope they give us floors that make foot prints 
  • I love the wreath idea!


  • HoneyBee said:

    I love the wreath idea!

    Thank you! Fingers crossed
  • A gingerbread kitty to go with our adorable gingerbread puppy?
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    I wanted to expand on the gingerbread frosting idea. This is the stuff that is like a trim item, but that's the title in game. I would love to have this in peppermint stripes and I was thinking it would also be great as just solid chocolate? I think this would be especially great if you make the marbled chocolate walls that GiftPrincess suggested( fingers crossed, I love that idea).

    Icing trim that looks like fences and maybe the new frosting could have  a bit more dripping effect?(I am adding picture because it is hard to describe)

    icing fence
    icing roof dripping

  •     Chocolate waterfall!!
  • Do you think we could get some Christmas themed throw pillows, for those of us that like to have a sweet Christmas log in???
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