Okay, I am truly sorry for anybody who comes across this; this is probably the last thing you want to read. I just need a place to vent. Again, I'm sorry. I just need someone who isn't my parents because they just don't seem to understand and they won't listen.

So I have a MAJOR 3-4 page essay due at midnight tonight, so I've been working on that today. Yesterday, I had planned to go to lunch with one of my other homeschool friends. Today, my dad decided to drive an hour and a half to go RUG SHOPPING. My friend's mom said we would have to get home around 1:30; my 4-year-old sister gets home around 2:30. I asked my mom if I could go and she said no, so that what I told my friend's mother. She still sent my friend over to my house. My parents don't seem to understand that I just need to get away and they don't seem to see how hard it is to still say no even after she sent my friend over. So I go, we go on base, and there were construction workers re-doing most of the roads leading to where we were trying to go. We go the long way, and after several "Road Closed" signs, we make it. We go and eat, and my friend's mom's alarm on her phone didn't go off so we were late getting home. I wasn't home in time for my sister. I thought we were. Not to mention I was mislead by my sister's arrival time all along. She is supposed to be home 10 minutes earlier. So I was doing that, the bus brought my sister back after dropping the other kids off, and everything is okay. So I keep working on my essay, and all the while my sister keeps getting into trouble. I had somewhere to be at 5:15. I originally was told I couldn't go because my essay wasn't done and we couldn't find a sitter for my sis. This same mom shows up later at 5:30 offering to take both me and my sister. I ask my mom and she says okay. We were in a hurry to get out of the house because I am late as it is. I grab my coat for my sister cause I don't have time to look for her's. Under all the stress I was under, I didn't realize she got out of the house in FLIPFLOPS. So I get in trouble for that. Later after I get home and my parents get home, I find out they hid my phone, which I left accidentally under the stress. I try to explain what happened and my dad say that I should have two more weeks of being grounded from my phone for the "attitude." Now I have three hours to get in another like 500-600 words in. If I don't finish I get a 0. I just can't do this anymore.

Anyway... how is your day going?
"Did you oversleep again? You ALWAYS keep me waiting! D-don't get the wrong idea! I-it's not like... I like you or anything! D-dummy!"


  • Meanwhile, maybe this song will cheer you up. Or maybe the version without the words.


    No Words:

    "Did you oversleep again? You ALWAYS keep me waiting! D-don't get the wrong idea! I-it's not like... I like you or anything! D-dummy!"
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