Christmas Ideas

**Please do not take offense if any of these have been mentioned before, these are just a few ideas I have been thinking of to be put into game for the holiday season**

*More blow-up decorations for outdoor rooms! Example: Reindeer Stable
blow up decor
*Ceramic xmas tree (Antique shop?)
 ceramic tree
*Christmas Cuckoo Clock (Antique?)
*Christmas Doors
*Christmas Fireplace that has garland / greenery decorations

*Table top snow globes, with option to turn sound off! When you rotate the "snow" falls.
*Puzzle lamp ideas?? Snowman by lamp post & stain glass xmas lamps :)
snowman lamp
stain glass lamps
*New christmas tree train, either through updating the original or creating a new train(s) :)
*Wire Christmas Decorations. Example: Penguin.
wire decor
*Christmas gnomes!!
 xmas gnomes



  • Clothing:
    *New long sweaters / coats!
    *Christmas hats hats
    *Gingerbread Contest necklace ideas! necklaces
    *Christmas Onesies
    *Puffer Jackets
     puffer jackets
    *Christmas Sweaters
    *Christmas PJs
     xmas pjs

  • I want a northern lights projector 
  • More inflatables whee!!! Thumbs up!

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