How To Play ZugTug

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    How To Start It Up:
    1.You need 3 people to play. You can use another laptop and play with a clone, but cannot operate on the same laptop (like EA). Exactly 3 people, no more no less.
    2.You need to set up the map exactly as I tell you. Game Map:  Capture The Flag - Tank CentralGame Mode: Capture - All Bases.
    You're good from there.

    How To Play:
    1. Use up arrow key to move forward, down to move backwards, left and right to steer.
    2. I believe using spacebar will shoot things
    3. Stepping on flags and basses will make you collect/capture them.

    How To Get Points:
    1. You can decide who gets the point first (not everyone can get points on a single game).
    2. The person who is getting the point must capture all the bases and have 2 flags
    3. Other team member must have a flag before the Point Winner gets everything.
    Accidentally got a base and it's not your turn? Do not worry. The Point Winner needs to destroy yours and just step on it to gain it back.

    Do not worry about destroying the turret that is shooting at you, you can easily hide from it either behind trees or that sandy stuff on the map- but it will tear town after a couple of shooting. It will not shoot you at starting point.
    Please don't shoot any other players unless you're just that mean or if they accidentally got too many flags.
  • @prettyredstone Thank you! I couldn't get past the start room because I was the only player haha.
  • Hey Holden maybe we can play one night! LOL! I only played it once last year and basically gave up because it took hours!

    Thanks RED! I will definitely keep these in mind!

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