Looking for veterans day pins

As most of you who play this game at least semi-regularly know, I have been looking for veterans day pins for the last year (ish). I am in need of the following to complete my collection:

- 3x 2012 veterans day pins
- x13 2014 veterans day pins
- x12 2015 veterans day pins
- x11 2016 veterans day pins

Please let me know if you have any of these for trade, along with your wants. For convenience sake, if you have them all I am willing to offer an ice. 

Thank you!!!


  • Sent you a PM in game, Midge! :)

    ABOUT: Signed up: February 2017 Miss Clue only: March 2017 Regularly playing the kingdom: April 2017 hehehehehe...... Came for MISS CLUE, stayed for VFK <3

    Miss Clue Mysteries Border 2 

    VFK survival gear outfit party
    VFK thanksgiving party in garden
    2019 SprIng SpAce MISS PIGGY
    2019 SprIng SpAce


    Thank you purrrfect for the awesome surprise drawing! 
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