Craft Christmas Costumes!

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Since we haven't received any craft-able Halloween costumes this year (update: we did), I thought maybe it would be a cool idea to have craft-able Christmas costumes instead!

Some ideas:

The Grinch & Cindy Lou Who
The Polar Express pajamas
Different Versions of the Nutcracker & Sugarplum Fairy
A Christmas Carol/Scrooge Costumes


polar express

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  • Yes! Not receiving crafting costumes was the only thing I was disappointed in this year. I would love Nutcracker & Sugar Plum Fairy costumes, but I would be happy with any of these! :)
  • I think a Santa Suit similar to this would be cute


    I would also like to see Christmas dress like this. I have always wanted to get one and I think they are adorable.


    A gingerbread costume would be nice too, since I don't believe we have one yet.


    Maybe a simple Christmas present costume could be done? It would be different and I think it could be adorable.


    Lastly I would really like some Christmasy dress robe things similar to this, maybe make them a craft item so we can put the design we want on a colour we want.

    Ghost of Christmas Present
  • There’s already a nutcracker and sugarplum fairy costume in the Christmas shop gold stamps book.
  • There are different versions that I'd like to see, but thanks for commenting.

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  • I am actually pretty surprised vfk never made a Christmas carol or Grinch costume yet. I really want a ballet outfit. I don't care which ballet they base it off of but nut cracker would be the most fitting because of it's christmas setting. I also would love a miracle on 34th street based outfit. I think this would be a fun idea. I love crafting cute outfits and cindy lu has a lot of adorable outfits. 
  • There are HALLOWEEN craftables coming!!!!

    I repeat... They are coming!!! :D

    Thank you @VFK_Mintie for the news!!!

    And sorry I talked your cat ears off about it. :)

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