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I have one of each costume.
I'm not sure of the value of these, however I do value them fairly high due to the high demand to little supply.

Looking for the following items:

  • Gossamer Web Products
  • Angora Products
  • 2018 Sand Dollar Lobsters/Crabs/Shells
  • Maze Baseball Rack
  • Octopus Treasure Chests
  • Jellyfish Lamps
  • Parrot Trees
  • Swan Flower Pots (x5)
  • Bike Flower Pots(x2)
  • Maze Stone Benches
  • Lost World: Map Makers, Stegosaurus Skeleton, T-Rex Skeleton
  • Ancient Greece: Vases, Pitchers
  • Unique Space Miner's Mining Crates
  • Both Host Baseball Chairs (x2 each)
  • 2018 Halloween Puzzle Lamps
  • Miniature Skeleton Horse Carriage
  • Host Gargoyle Statues
  • All upcoming Antique Shop items (furni, girl clothing/hair, pins, magic) --doubles more than welcome--
  • Host Lifeguard Whistle
  • Host Lifeguard Visor
  • Host Lifeguard Buoy
  • Angel Shoes
  • Tiger Hoods
  • Pumpkin Umbrella

VFK Pin Wants
  • Host Tiger Pins
  • Host Cheetah Pins
  • Host Baseball Pins

VFK Magic Wants
  • 1* Sandman Magic

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