HI EVERYONE!!!! I hope everyone is doing well!! I popped on because I’ve been been missing miss clue (and you guys!!!) so much!! :’( i hope curse of The devil’s heart comes out soon!!

anyway! things have been super busy for me with school starting back up BUT i HAVE had time to start planning my HALLOWEEN FESTIVITIES!!! I love halloween SO MUCH! i’d marry halloween! between trick or treating and haunted houses and candy & pumpkin carving! its such a great holiday with fun stuff to do!! I actually applied to work at my local haunted house as a set builder! So I’m SOOOOOO in halloween mode now!

i wanted to know WHAT IS EVERYONE BEING FOR HALLOWEEN??!?! do you guys know yet?! me & my friends are being MARIO CHARACTERS!!! im gonna be yoshi! (my friends didnt like my idea of being donuts :’( )

What is everyone else being?? Whos excited for Halloween?!

~ Donut

so many questions and NO DONUTS



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