lf: halloween costumes

elven princess
space princess
princess apricot
shadow bird
light bird

lmk your wants

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  • edited July 2018
    I have shadow & light bird.
    Here are some of my ISOs:

    Angel Shoes
    Octopus Treasure Chests
    Jellyfish Lamps
    Tiger Hoods
    Parrot Trees
    Swan Flower Pots (x5)
    Bike Flower Pots (x2)
    Maze Stone Benches
    Lost World Map Makers
    Lost World Stegosaurus Skeletons
    Lost World T-Rex Skeletons
    Ancient Greece Vases
    Anicet Greece Pitchers
    Unique Space Miner's Mining Crates
    VFK Pin Wants
    VFK Magic Wants

  • @I.Am.Chalk i have some of your wants, but im not willing to let go of them for the costumes, and the lesser wants that I do have wouldn't equal the costume values. sorry about that!

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  • i have both, light bird and shadow bird, offer?
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