Zanze's Nitpicking (w/ love) - Last Updated: (09-17-2023)



  • Bump ! (I don't know who the appropriate person is to tag) @VFK_Enigma @VFK_Mintie @VFK_Brizzie
  • Hi @Zanze!

    The Magician Stage Room has been updated to include - Antique!

    The Gold Medal - Sand Castle Competition 2021 - Boy and Gold Medal - Ghostastic Ride Competition 2022 - Boy have been updated!

    The buyable rooms can now be traded!

    The Scottish Highland Warrior has never been meant to trade, however, the hairs have all been updated, along with the title collision!

    As for the Buzz Cut Hair - BETA - White, even if you own more than 1 of a particular clothing item in your inventory, your closet will always only display 1!

    We are looking at the word requests!   For appropriateness and safety some words can not be added such as numbers, however, we can look at updating the room titles to be different!

    Great finds by the way!


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