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  • Hi @Zanze!

    The Magician Stage Room has been updated to include - Antique!

    The Gold Medal - Sand Castle Competition 2021 - Boy and Gold Medal - Ghostastic Ride Competition 2022 - Boy have been updated!

    The buyable rooms can now be traded!

    The Scottish Highland Warrior has never been meant to trade, however, the hairs have all been updated, along with the title collision!

    As for the Buzz Cut Hair - BETA - White, even if you own more than 1 of a particular clothing item in your inventory, your closet will always only display 1!

    We are looking at the word requests!   For appropriateness and safety some words can not be added such as numbers, however, we can look at updating the room titles to be different!

    Great finds by the way!


  • I cannot load the 2023 VIP pins. 

  • Happy New Year BUMP!
  • Why can't we store the mad scientist / jangala membership hair/clothes?
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  • Hey @Zanze what do you think of this item update idea for old contest prizes?

    Hi VFK,

    I've been a bit out of the building scene the past few years, but @GIFT brought to my attention that in recent years, 4th and 5th place contest rooms now win Blue/Red Medals and Trophies for their contest rooms.

    In the past, 4th and 5th place had Blue/Red Contest pins for placing in 4th and 5th, but there were never unique Blue/Red Pins and Medals.

    I'm sure older players can relate, but in my early years of VFK, I had my fair share of placing in 4th or 5th during contests; I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE if some of these contest prizes could be updated for 4th and 5th place contestants to receive Blue/Red Medals/Trophies of the prizes from that year!

    I figure we get so many re colors for scavenger hunts... so maybe it isn't that extreme of an idea to ask VFK to update older trophies to give medals/trophies to 4th and 5th place winners, like the newer contests do?

     VFK does update old items now, there's even an entire thread devoted to requesting old items to be updated... so I figured I'd start the discussion of updating old contest prizes to be updated for 4th/5th Place contestants!

    I'd be over the moon excited if this happened, because then I would finally have an original Halloween Pumpkin Trophy (I got 4th place during that contest)... I'd love a Blue Pumpkin trophy and medal!!!  Same with the next year, when I won a 4th Place Bat pin... would love the medal and trophy!!!

    Please @VFK_Enigma @VFK_MINTIE Thank you!!!
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