I built my own computer xD



  • Building your own is the best way to go. I have been building my own PCs since 1985. As a gamer I find customizing your PC to run all the 3D games you have better than hoping someone elses creation will suit your needs. I am also A+ certified and have my MCP so I also maintain the PCs I build in my house. You will find it better because you know what is in that PC so when you see that blue screen of death you will be able to properly take care of the issue at hand.
  • wow @Kirllan you're like a computer wizard   ^:)^
    i really wish i knew that much about computers, my brother builds them but im just absolutely clueless  :-O
  • @Kirllan

    Yep exactly! I do light gaming but mostly run big memory sucks like Adobe products and other web design stuff. So It was definitely a better, and cheaper option to build my own. Plus, like you said, I know exactly what I put into it and what is needed to fix an issue. While this is the first time I've built my own PC. I did build a monster of a PC for my church to run the media we do.  I had fixed PCs before, and laptops--I went to an all online school until I graduated, so we were pretty much left on our own to fix them. And then in college, I aced all the pre-tests to be A+ certified but unfortantely couldn't take the actual test since the testing center was too far away. I'm kind of hoping that at some point, it'll transition to an online test like through TestOut. 
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