VFK Glitches and Tips!(New Message Boards Series!)

Hello! The series I posted about on my wall is this! On @dazzlerdream's sleuthing team I am a game starter but also a tips and hints person! So on my series I will show glitches and also give tips on something! For example: games. I would say what game gives the most credits and how to earn more points and such. And for the glitches part I will also show glitches in VFK! People can also suggest on what I should do for this!(For example: if someone wants tips on games then I would do games.)

Watch out for the first part on this coming soon! 
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  • I have a glitch! When you're trading sometimes your items disappear if the other person puts their items before. It bothers me so much!

  • Cool topic and idea!  I'd love to see some tips on how to play Night Fighters :D
    Why waste time trying to fix things that are broken when we need to spend more time fixing things that aren't broken.
  • This looks awesome!  I can't wait for more info on the games!
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • MidnightMystery said:Cool topic and idea!  I'd love to see some tips on how to play Night Fighters :D

    That's easy. You can get a couple of friends (or clones if you can handle it and doing it for game prizes/magics) and play the game. There's no right or wrong on what ship to pick, literally doesn't matter (well varies; some have more ammo than others, more health than others and more speed than others, but that besides the point.
    That's all on preference really.
    You use arrow keys to move around. Don't like jam them cause you will little go flying off the map and it's hard to see yourself as it is. You click on the screen to shoot. Don't worry if you miss, the game accuracy is absolutely horrible and I wish they can fix it. There's really nothing to it, it's like Space Pirates but more..... buildings in the way. I hope this helps because it's a really simple game.
  • Also here's some tips on Zugtug, if anyone is curious on how to play and get points.

    How To Start It Up:
    1.You need 3 people to play. You can use another laptop and play with a clone, but cannot operate on the same laptop (like EA). Exactly 3 people, no more no less.
    2.You need to set up the map exactly as I tell you. Game Map:  Capture The Flag - Tank Central. Game Mode: Capture - All Bases.
    You're good from there.

    How To Play:
    1. Use up arrow key to move forward, down to move backwards, left and right to steer.
    2. I believe using spacebar will shoot things
    3. Stepping on flags and basses will make you collect/capture them.

    How To Get Points:
    1. You can decide who gets the point first (not everyone can get points on a single game).
    2. The person who is getting the point must capture all the bases and have 2 flags
    3. Other team member must have a flag before the Point Winner gets everything.
    Accidentally got a base and it's not your turn? Do not worry. The Point Winner needs to destroy yours and just step on it to gain it back.

    Do not worry about destroying the turret that is shooting at you, you can easily hide from it either behind trees or that sandy stuff on the map- but it will tear town after a couple of shooting. It will not shoot you at starting point.
    Please don't shoot any other players unless you're just that mean or if they accidentally got too many flags.
  • Soo looking forward to this Super! I totally need some tips on how to do games, I'm terrible at them XD
    I bet this will be a big hit, well done!

    iminute vfk
    thanks for this taco!! :D
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