Rose's Super Blog - Post 23 - Finally Got Epic Ages!

This was originally gonna be a normal post but after seeing how long it was I decided to make it a blog post even though I only posted one a day ago. :P If you would like check out that post you can either find it on the first page of discussions or the tag. Anyways here is the post!

Ok so I have finally downloaded Epic Ages again! As a lot of you may know when I got a new computer I ended up losing ea(short for epic ages) and the screen shots as well but we still have that computer which it belongs to my sister now so I can still go view them if I wanted. Now anyways with having ea I can finally take pictures and post them on the boards so when I'm doing a event you all can get a sneak peak and any other time I want to post a photo! Actually before I got a new computer it eventually happened where whenever I tried to post a picutre it wouldn't work so even if I still had the old computer I would not be able to post pictures unless there was some way to fix it. I hope my computer won't do that and I don't want to jinx it. Also I can IM people now which will make messaging so much easier again! Actually right now I might not be able to go on Epic Ages or any other site I go on because the stick that is plugged into my computer that makes the internet connection work is believed to be broken because for some time I've been getting really bad loading issues but as of tonight it is bad that I can not get on any site. When I tried to log into Epic Ages it took a few logins unti it finally worked but I couldn't get into VFK as it would not load. Every time I tried to open up a new window there was no internet connection so until I can get a new internet cord or stick I can't use EA at the moment unless I borrow my sisters computer. But I might be able to tomorrow so it shouldn't be long until I can and I will try to make it work tomorrow but I am quite happy I finally downloaded EA after a year!

Anyways I will end the post here. Hope you enjoyed! :D
"May the stars shine down on you."
-Rosalina ♥


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