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  1. R-Walks into church
  2. M-Walks into church
  3. D-Walks into church
  4. G-Walks in but falls
  5. R-Comes over are you ok?
  6. G-I'm fine just go
  7. G-Sits up and says nothing
  8. G-Goes outside and sits on steps
  9. P-Are you ok Greg?
  10. G-I'm fine just weak
  11. P-Carries him to his house.
  12. G-Thank you Pete
  13. P-Your welcome goes home
  14. G-Goes in front door 
  15. G-Goes to bedroom
  16. G-Changes clothes from church
  17. G-Sits on bed and draws.
  18. R-Comes home 
  19. R-Goes upstairs to room
  20. G-Eats a biscuit
  21. R-Greg are you here?
  22. G-Just got here
  23. R-Comes upstairs
  24. G-Looks out window
  25. R-Comes into room
  26. G-Hi brother sorry I left
  27. R-What happened back there?
  28. G-I don't know it just happened.
  29. R-Are you gonna be ok?
  30. G-I think so for now
  31. R-Gives him a biscuit
  32. G-Thank you brother.
  33. R-Your welcome leaves and goes to basement.
  34. G-Eats biscuit and stares out window.

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