Greg Returns

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Greg- Walks into rodricks room and flips threw yearbook
Rodrick- Walks in and sees Greg.
Greg- Hi brother I left you my journal before I ran away.
Rodrick- Where have you been?
Greg- I ran away for a few weeks long story.
Rodrick- I think mom is here stay quiet.
Mom- Who are you talking to?
Rodrick- Nobody right now.
Mom- See you later.
Greg- I thought it would be easier to see you.
Rodrick- Are you planning to leave again?
Greg- I'm planning to stay possibly.
Greg- Except mom will see me eats chips
Ben- Where did he come from?
Greg- Doesn't respond
Greg- Be right back.
Greg- Walks out of room goes out window and finds Rowley
Greg- Good to see you
Rowley- Where have you been?
Greg- Long story how are you?
Rowley- I'm good nothing new.
Greg- I better go back to my brother.
Rowley- See you later.
Greg- Climbs up window and Rodrick shows up.
Rodrick-Where did you just go?
Greg- To see a friend
Rodrick- Come with me.
Greg-Walks to basement and flips threw yearbook
Greg- Finishes bag of chips.
Rowley- Climbs up window and waits for Greg-
Greg- Be right back again
Greg-Walks to bedroom and sees Rowley
Rowley- Hi friend no sign of him
Greg- I don't want to see him again.
Rowley- I'm gonna go watch TV.
Greg- Don't tell Mrs Heffley I am here.
Rowley- Keeps mouth closed.
Greg- Goes back to basement (Flips threw yearbook).  
Rowley- (Watches cartoons)
Greg- I regret lying to people.
Greg- Seriously happy Manny wasn't at the (Party)
Rowley- Walks into basement
Greg- I thought you were watching cartoons
Rowley- Got bored of it gives chips
Greg- Flips threw yearbook still.


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