Awesome ending!

First time poster here! I found these games by recommendation on the Herinteractive board awhile back, but am just getting around to finishing this game in the Miss Clue series. I was inspired to start posting because this was a really good game, and I have to say that the ending is way more exciting and fun than the Nancy Drew game series has been going lately...sorry Herinteractive crew! It's really reminiscent of how the classic Nancy Drew games started, their endings weren't some gigantic puzzle and then sit back and watch the scene, but now that's the way they've been. So, it was really nice to play an ending where we were active in saving our character, and everything we were doing made sense to the story! I'm a Miss Clue fan now, although of course I'll always be a fan of Nancy Drew games too. Well done, Miss Clue Crew! 


  • I couldn't agree with you more @Kasmut  The interactivity of the endings are soo fun and the usually tie in with the very beginning,  which I like.  I'm a Miss Clue Nancy Drew fan as well so welcome to the club!  I hope you have fun playing the other Miss Clues I'm on Trials of Salem!

    Welcome to the Message boards Kasmut!

  • nancy drew games are hard.
  • Hello @Kasmut 

    I'm new to Miss Clue as well as the boards, it's good to see a fellow HER fan here, I got here from the other fans on the Her boards as well and so I am very thankful to them!  Miss clue is fun and I enjoy seeing a new company come into the spotlight and gain fans, me now being one of them.  I wish the best for both companies and hope they both make many more games.I think Herinteractive could use a few pointers from Miss Clue and I've seen the Miss Clue crew take several suggests and implement them to make the next game even better.  So if there is something they need to fix I'd point it out because I think they really care.

    It was great meeting you @Kasmut I hope we can swap opinions again some time!
  • Cruise Most deadly was I think my favorite.  when I got the bad guys at the end it was like BOOOYA!!!!!  You just got owned!  

    Nice to meet you by the way @Kasmut you ideas I think are very thoughtful and good.

    Hope to see more in the future, I seconded the horse one.

  • There is definitely a satisfying feeling of figuring out how to take out the bad guys! It was hard trying to hit those tiny targets, but it was one of my favorite moments in the game.

    Thanks for seconding my idea! :)
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