Rose's Super Blog - Post 21 - Throwback Thursday - VFK Mcdonalds Incident Part 2

Okay time for a new TBT! Its part 2 of the VFK Mcdonalds incident! Here it is:

Its now a year after the first Mcdonalds incident and I opened up the restaurant again after re building it after it got emptied out. I was hiring workers again and some people came in and asked to work. So while working someone came and pretended to be a inspector and someone else was saying that there was a mouse in their cheese and such making my restaurant look bad. The person pretending to be the inspector then changes and says they are going to open up a restaurant as well. Then after it was opened my workers think they were copying and we all freaked out and they went and said they were going to spy and pretend to be workers there. I had to hide in a different room and I wasn't part of this plan or didn't think of it. Then a while later they told me that they told her about what was going on and she was upset about it and that they didn't put the blame on me. That was a lie. A few days later the same person found me and talked to me in a trade saying that they said I sent them to go do that and they put the full blame on me. I explained to her what really happened and she understood. After that I closed my restaurant AGAIN for the year!

I believe thats all of the story! This year was a successful year for my Mcdonalds! Well actually I renamed my restaurant. Its no longer a Mcdonalds. Its now just a regular VFK restaurant! But I think I'll consider making it a Mcdonalds again! What do you think? Vote on my poll below!
Should I Keep My Restaurant's Name VFK Restaurant or Back to VFK Mcdonalds?
  1. VFK Restaurant or VFK Mcdonalds?
    1. VFK Restaurant
    2. VFK Mcdonalds
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