Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 4, Part 11

Scene: The kids are still in the mysterious hall...

Lucy: -Eyes widen- My prophecy?

Martha: -Nods- Yep, it's your prophecy alright. 

John: Don't just stand there and nod your head! What's the prophecy!?

Martha: Okay, okay! And they say I'm the loud one... -Sighs and focuses on picture- 

Alice: -Feeling excited- Well? What does it say?

Martha: Well, for some reason, this girl that Edward is crazy about, didn't become a full ghost like the rest of them did. She just became an invisible spirit wandering around the castle. The only way that she could become a full ghost is if she inhabits "the chosen one's" body, who will be a descendant from her family and is the closest connected with their bloodline.

John: Wow... Looks like you're really special to these ghosts Lucy.

Lucy: Special?

Alice: Obviously!

Lucy: -A slight smile across her face- 

Martha: ...Why are you smiling? -Raises an eye brow-

 Lucy: Oh, I was just thinking... Maybe this isn't so bad?

John: How much pre-Halloween candy have you been eating!?

Martha: Apparently, lots. -Looks at Lucy- How could you possibly think that?

Lucy: Well, if I'm so important, maybe they won't hurt me or anything.

Alice: A ghost wants to control you, Lucy. That doesn't sound pleasant to me.

John: Right, they only want you so that she can have your body.

Lucy: It might be more than that.

Martha: -Sighs- Lucy, I don't know why you suddenly think that these ghosts are good, other than Grace... But I don't like it.

Lucy: -Crosses arms- Why? Is it because you're always right?

Martha: What are you talking about?

Lucy: Ha! It's always Martha this, Martha that, Martha is in charge. When we're at school, with our friends, in situations like this... Everywhere!

Martha: What! That is so not true! Alice, John, is that true?

John: -Quickly leaves the hallway-

Martha: ...Alice?

Alice: -Shakes head- No, you just have a very leader-like personality. I can see why it would upset Lucy, though, but I don't see a problem.

Martha: See! Alice understands.

Lucy: Whatever! It would just be nice to not be a sidekick for once! -Runs off-

Martha: I'm not finished with you, missy! -Chases after-

Alice: And I thought having a brother was difficult...

Scene: They are out of the hallway and into the chamber again, but something unexpected happens...

Martha: Don't walk away from me!

Lucy: Look who's being bossy again!

Martha: Oh yeah, that's real mature!

John: Dudettes! Calm down, geez!

Martha: You don't wanna be involved in this, do you?

John: Um, not really. -Steps away from Martha- Carry on I guess.

(There's a knock on the door.)

Alice: That must be Grace. Where's the key?

John: -Blocking his ears from Lucy and Martha's quarrel- On the ottoman in the middle of the room!

Alice: -Grabs keys and unlocks door, but falls down with fear when she sees who is at the door...-

(At the door, the guards and Vanessa have Grace tied up and are looking down at the children, evil grins on their faces.)

Vanessa: Well, well! Look who we have here!

(The children are speechless.)

Vanessa: -Looks at guards- What are you waiting for? Drop Grace and get them! But, give me Lucy!

Grace: Kids! RUN!

(Everyone darts out the door as fast as possible.)

Vanessa: After them! Whoever lets them escape is more dead than they already are!

(The guards quickly run after them, pointing their spears at them.)

John: AHH! Faster!

Alice: Where are we going to go!?

Martha: Quick, let's take that turn up ahead!

Lucy: -Glares at her- We don't HAVE to take that turn.

Martha: Now is not the time Lucy!

Lucy: Why? Because YOU say it isn't the time?

Martha: Maybe because our lives or at risk!

John: -Eyes twitch- Shut up already! Let's just take the stupid turn!

Stay tuned for Season 4, Part 12!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Whoa it sounds like Lucy is Possessed already by the spirit!
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  • @beagIe Actually, that's really how Lucy feels. :o

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Everyone!! some of you may not remember, some of you may, but I won pinky contest a while back to be a person in her AMAZING fanatic!  I'm Vanessa in the story!  You have already met me!  I'm the one that sent the guards after them in this part! /\

    I LOVE how I look!  this is me:
     Has light tan skin and green eyes. She has long, maroon hair that is extremely wavy and shiny.  is not too short, yet  is not too tall either. The typical height for 14 year old girls. Vanessa always dresses formal, never will she be seen dressed as a peasant or a farmer back in the Medieval ages.

    :D just some behind the scenes!  Thank you pinky!!

    GOLDENPUPPYgoldenpuppypicturetacocatTHANKS TACOCAT!!

  • John is so funny!  I love him being in the story!!
  • :O!!!! I LOVE THIS!! when is the next part coming?!!?
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