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Hey everyone!

I wanted to try something fun this week for VFK TODAY's Hot Topics segment! I will give a topic, and all you do is give your opinion on that topic! We will be reading some of them during Hot Topics on this week's show!

Here is this week's topic:

Have you enjoyed VFK's 8th Anniversary? What was your favorite part? What would you like to see VFK do during the summer?

Let us know in the comments! :D



  • This is a awesome idea!! :D Here is my opinion:

    The 8th Anniversary has been awesome so far! I really enjoyed it! I can't choose just one favorite part of it! I liked the zebra pet, the new 3D Splashtastic, and the announcement of opening the Tsunami Slides and the Zoo! Maybe for the Summer VFK could open up Colonial Age or add alot of new things to the Zoo like restaurants and stores if they don't do that when it first opens! And I hope they do the diving contest again or they can do a swimming race maybe! I hope they do a Summer event with the Inland Ocean pool!

    This is all I got right now so I hope you enjoyed! :)
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  • OMG! I love the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    1. Yes bc I it reminds us of everyone on here and how it's another great year :)
    2. New clothes and the Zebras woot!
    3. I would like them to Make other clothing and maybe re-do Autumn Ipmorts :D

  • Great idea! ^^
    Absolutely!! I've loved every minute of it!
    My favorite part was the... Bean Bags and 3D Splashtastic :)
    and what would I like to see for the summer.... THE ZOO!! its coming June 25th I think, so I cant wait to see it :D
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  • Thank you all for commenting! :D I'll try and hold off filming a day or two so we can get more responses. :)

    My favorite part so far is the cake party and the new hats!!
    Second The zoo and slides are coming!! YAY!! 
    I would like to see more room redone and colonial age!

    I just love being the game at this time because it feels so festive!
  • Thanks everyone for responses! :D
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    • Favorite part so far is cake party, the new zebra and giraffe tops! And the pet Zebra!!
    • Looking forward to what is planned!
    • What I would like totally love so see, is a VFK Tee to buy in real!
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  • Woot thanks, @iStella!
  • So far I love everything :)
    I think 3D Splashtastic is really neat and i'm very interested to see where VFK is going with it!
    I'm also really enjoying the live tiles (which replaced the action panel). I like how they keep things organized and show the times for everything on the event calendar. 
    I'm not really sure what i'd like to see during the summer. Maybe new a turtle would be cool. I'm really pumped for the zoo though!
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  • You should totally do a anniversary edition and show the game shirts and hats and stuff (My Cake Hat Popped) 
  • Ormonddude said:

    You should totally do a anniversary edition and show the game shirts and hats and stuff (My Cake Hat Popped) 

    That is a great idea! We will show some of the stuff when we film it! :D

  • Question 1: Have you enjoyed VFK's 8th Anniversary?
    MY answer: YESSSSSS!! TREMENDOUSLY!!!! and I can't wait to see what else is coming ^^

    Question 2: What was your favorite part?
    MY answer: well... that's a hard question because I really enjoyed everything, but I guess I really loved the renovated Marine Pass and the Stonehenge Cake Party.

    Question 3: What would you like to see VFK do during the summer?
    MY answer: I'd like to see some more books, like the crystal mermaids but different, Id even like to see another crystal mermaid book
    I would also love to see the zoo, so I cant wait for that either :D Cruise Most Deadly is this June 5th so yeaahhh Im like SUPER EXCITED FOR THAT!!!!!

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