Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 4, Part 5

Scene: That night, Lucy is searching up all sort of paranormal-related things.

Lucy: -Is on the computer, looking up "Feeling cold and hallow within, paranormal?"- There has to be something!

Lucy: -Clicks on a link to a paranormal myths website- Hmm... Aha! Just what I'm looking for.

"In Medieval times, many stories were about that today have been proven to be just myths. Some myths included the tales of undead spirits, also known as ghosts. These spirits could either be peaceful and lurk around the world for a non-harmful cause, while other spirits could be hostile and wish to do evil deeds to the living. "

Lucy: Interesting... -Scrolls down until she finds something of her interest-

"One of the most common ghostly myths in Medieval times was that certain kinds of ghosts were able to take over any (living) human's body. The signs that a ghost has entered your body have been said to feel extremely cold and hallow within yourself. However, the people back then said that those signs indicated that a ghost was "trying out" your body, and if it liked it, would later take over and would have your body to keep."

Lucy: -Screams-

Martha: -Jerks up in bed- WHAT!?

Lucy: A-a-a-a...

Martha: Oh no, you're stammering! Are you cold again?

Lucy: No! I'm terrified!

Martha: Let me guess, another weird dream?

Lucy: Even worse than that! Martha, you won't believe this!

Martha: We'll just see... Now what's wrong?

Lucy: Martha, I'm in deep trouble... A ghost is interested in possessing me!

Martha: ...You need more sleep.

Lucy: I'm serious! Look at this website!

Martha: -Sighs and gets out of bed-

Lucy: See!

Martha: Lucy, the website is called "Myths From The Past", they aren't real.

Lucy: But I'm feeling exactly what they're saying, and the Doctor said it was almost paranormal like!

Martha: Lucy, you're fine, okay? It does seem strange, but ghosts don't exist.

Lucy: Yes they do, and I gotta save my body!

Scene: The next morning, it's breakfast and Lucy is exhausted

Lucy: -Is lying down head on waffles-

Jane: Lucy! What are you doing?

Lucy: -Wakes up- I'm not a ghost!

Jane: You're really tired Lucy. Did you get enough sleep last night?

Martha: Nope, she was up most of the night looking up ghost stuffs.

Josh: Ghosts? Why were you researching ghosts?

Lucy: Because of what the Doctor said, and boy, was he right!

Martha: -Rolls eyes and eats bacon-

Jane: Sweetie, ghosts aren't real. He was just saying it was abnormal.

Lucy: They are, and they want my flesh. Literally!

Josh: We'll talk about this later, but right now you two have to get ready for school.

Martha: Right, we have this big test in Math! Gotta be ready! -Quickly finishes food then leaves-

Scene: After school... Martha, Lucy, John, and Alice are walking to the bus stop

John: -Laughs- Lucy, you actually believe in ghosts?

Lucy: They're real! I know they are!

Martha: Lucy, how many times do I have to tell you? Ghosts aren't after you!

Lucy: -Sighs- Why won't anyone believe me?

Alice: No offence Lucy, but you sound a bit... Well, insane.

John: Even your eyes look insane... -Shivers-

Lucy: That's only because of the lack of sleep. -Yawns-

Martha: You're gonna have to let it go eventually.

(All of the sudden, out of the blue, it's extremely foggy. They can't even see each-other.)

Alice: What's going on??

Martha: I have no idea! Guys, where are you?

(All of them fall to the ground...)

Stay tuned for Season 4, Part 6!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • :O It's so long!! YAY! Reading now!
  • Oh.... SO SCARY!!!  Wow pinky your site sounded really neat!! did you get it off of a real site or just write it up?!  It sounds really real!

    I LOOOOooVVVVvvvvEEEeee IT!!
  • GHOSTS!!

             heehee      /aa \_
                       __\-  / )                 .-.
             .-.      (__/    /        haha    _/oo \
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          ( \  u/__    /       \__             \/   ___)
           \    \__)   \_.-._._   )  .-.       /     \
           /     \             `-`  / ee\_    /       \_
        __/       \               __\  o/ )   \_.-.__   )
       (   _._.-._/     hoho     (___   \/           '-'
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  • @SkyLamb Yay! More art!

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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    Oh gosh I REALLY want waffles now!  This is like so scary, I wish it was a movie! Pinky if you ever become famous you like HAVE to make this into a movie!
    (P.S, isn't it funny that when you read the 'have' above  you read say it as Haf?)

    Stella out!
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • I really like John and Alice!  I think they are my favorite!!
    ~~~~~~~neonheartssignature02~~ ~~~~~
  • @iStella Hmm... Another fanatic movie? Hmm... Maybe!

    @NeonHearts Yes! They're very interesting characters. :D (My favorite is Martha.)

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Fantastic!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!
  • I read it with the lights off this time!!  Ooooooh it was SOoo scary!  I reccommend that EVERYone read it with the lights off!  Thanks pinkyb!
  • spooookkkkyyyyyyy  :ar!
  • Thanks a lot guys! ^_^

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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