Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 4, Part 3

Scene: At the Darcy house. Martha, Lucy, and John are getting ready to leave for the Haunted Castle.

John: Tonight's gonna be so much fun, and full of frights!

Martha: Totally! Too bad Alice couldn't make it, though.

John: She'll be alright, it's not like tonight is the only opening.

Martha: Hmm, I guess you're right.

Lucy: Wait a minute... Did you just say "full of frights"??

John: You bet I did!

Lucy: Oh... Yay...

Martha: Lucy, you're 10 years old, you shouldn't be so scared!

Lucy: Everyone can get scared sometimes! -Gulp-

(Somebody rings the doorbell.)

Martha: -Walks over to door and sees Alice- Alice! What are you doing here?

Alice: I'm going to the Haunted Castle with you guys!

Lucy: Really? That's great, now we can all go together!

Martha: Awesome! Your parents changed their minds?

Alice: Well, um, not exactly...

John: Alice... What do you mean?

Alice: Okay! I snuck out!

John: OH SNAP!

Martha: Alice! You can't sneak out!

Alice: I just couldn't miss out!

Lucy: But what if you get in trouble?

Alice: I won't because I won't get caught. I even got Andrew to agree to cover for me. Please guys!

Martha: Alright fine, if you don't get in trouble, we'll let you come.

Alice: Woohoo!

Scene: After being driven there, they arrive at the Haunted Castle with a bunch of other people

Martha: Wow! It looks so dark and spooky!

Lucy: And it's so crowded too, which means the ghosts might want to get them instead of us! YAY!

Martha: Lucy, the ghosts are fake, they aren't real.

John: They might be fake, but they sure are gonna be scary!

Alice: What are we waiting for? Let's give them our tickets!

(They walkover to the ticket booth and hand them their tickets, then enter.)

Random spooky voice: Welcome... To the Birch Island Haunted Castle OF FEAR!

Martha: Spook-tastic!

(A dog dressed like a werewolf runs by them.)

John: AHHHHH!!!

Lucy: Um, John, was that your girly scream?

Alice: -Laughs- Yep, that's John alright.

John: -Stands tall- I still have my dignity!

Martha: Check out the ghosts hanging on the ceiling, they look so realistic!

Lucy: -Gulp- Too realistic!

John: Check out this painting with the moving eye balls!

Lucy: ...Can we go home now?

Scene: Later during their time in the haunted castle, something happens...

(A guy dressed as an undead castle guard jumps up and scares them.)

Martha: Haha! That was a good one!

John: Absolutely!

Lucy: Ooh...

Martha: Lucy? Are you okay?

Lucy: Not really... -She suddenly feels cold again, even colder than before, and falls-

Martha: Lucy! -Helps up- You're so cold!

Lucy: -Shivers and stammers- Even m-more than before...

Alice: Maybe the room is too cold for her?

John: Maybe... Let's go to the entrance to the West Wing, it's warmer there.

Martha: Good  idea. Come on Lucy.

(They quickly walk to the West Wing.)

Lucy: S-still cold! I feel like the Arctic!

Martha: Do you feel sick?

Lucy: No, but I feel hallow inside. -Shivers again-

Alice: How do we warm her up?

Martha: I don't know!

John: This is so weird!

Martha: I'm calling our parents. -Gets out phone, but it doesn't work- Oh no, my phone isn't working.

John: Neither is mine!

(Lucy's chill goes away, and their phones work again.)

Stay tuned for Season 4, Part 4!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Poor Lucy! :(
  • It sounded like a really awesome haunted house,  I wish there was something like that I could go to at Halloween!   I'm glad Lucy felt better at the end, it would be terrible if she was still cold.

    Great third part pinky
  • Wow I really am loving this!  The Haunted House was described really well.  Thanks for posting another awesome part @PinkyB! ^^
  • fantastic!! why does Lucy keep getting cold!? that's awfully scary!!!
    Why waste time trying to fix things that are broken when we need to spend more time fixing things that aren't broken.
  • This is more and more interesting!!  I am so totally looking forward to finding out what is going on, an why it is just affecting Lucy?!  What is everyone's guess?
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • I'm so gonna read the next part with the lights off!  looking for more!
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