Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 4, Part 1 (Season 4 Premiere)

Scene: It's evening and Martha and Lucy are helping Jane make Halloween witch cookies

Lucy: These cookies are gonna taste great! -She says as she stirs the batter-

Martha: You can say that again. -Grabs a cut-out shaped like a witch-

Jane: Remember Lucy, not too much sugar!

Lucy: But that's the best part!

Jane: -Laughs- Fine, a little more sugar then.

Josh: (Calling from the other room) Honey, Spot chewed up my new shoes!

Spot: (From the other room) -Barks innocently-

Martha: -Laughs- Spot, get in here!

Spot: -Enters the kitchen-

Martha: Spot, didn't we talk about this?

Spot: -Whimper-

Martha: -Picks up- Okay okay, I forgive you.

Spot: -Licks her face-

Jane: Alright girls, time to put the cookies in the oven!

Lucy: Yay!

Jane: -Puts the cookie tray into the oven- We'll decorate the cookies afterwards.

(Phone rings.)

Martha: I'll get it.

Scene: Martha is having a phone conversation with John

Martha: Hello?

John: (Speaks through a scary voice editor) It's me.

Martha: AH!

John: Haha! Got you!

Martha: John! You're gonna regret that!

John: -Laughs- You were soo scared.

Martha: Whatever.

John: Hey, guess what?

Martha: What? -Licks cookie batter off of fingers-

John: There's a new Haunted Castle opening soon!

Martha: Really? That's pretty cool.

John: Yeah, and I was able to buy tickets for the five of us.

Martha: The five of us?

John: Yeah, Andrew might wanna come too.

Martha: Eh, he might.

John: It's gonna be so cool!

Scene: At Anne's house during dinner...

Alice: But Mom! John, Martha, and Lucy are going!

Anne: I don't feel safe allowing you to go to a Haunted Castle that late.

Alice: What if I take Andrew with me?

Andrew: No thanks, haunted houses are a big joke!

Alice: Technically, it's a haunted castle...

Andrew: You get the point.

Alice: Dad? What about you?

Richard: I agree with your mother on this one Alice. Unless your mom or me go with you, you can't go.

Alice: Well, why can't you go with me then?

Richard: We have dinner reservations that night, remember? Jane is coming over to babysit.

Andrew: I don't know why I can't babysit.

Anne: You're only 12 Andrew.

Andrew: I'll be 13 next month!

Richard: Well then you can babysit next month.

Scene: Lucy has just woken up from a nightmare

Lucy: Ahh!

Martha: Lucy, I told you. There's no panther in the corner of the room, it's just a shadow!

Lucy: No! It wasn't that!

Martha: What's wrong then?

Lucy: I just had a terrible dream. It was so scary, and very weird!

Martha: It's just a dream Lucy, -Yawns-, you'll be okay.

Lucy: But I've never had a nightmare like this before... It was almost like a vision.

Martha: Well, what happened in the dream?

Lucy: I was about to get married, the audience were a bunch of skeletons, and everything was just so strange!

Martha: ....Yeah. Lucy, you aren't getting married until you're like 20. Don't worry about it.

Lucy: I could have been 20 in the dream. -Gulp-

Martha: Go to sleep!

Lucy: Okay okay! Goodnight.

Martha: Night.

Lucy: Goodnight.

Martha: Don't even start!

Stay tuned for Season 4, Part 2!


FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Loved it!

    (First comment of the season!!!!!!!!!)

  • This sounds soo cool! I can't wait for the next chapter, I hope Alice gets to go! like that would be a total bummer if she didn't.  Maybe should could like talk Jane into talking to Anne for her? besides everyone knows Martha and John are very responsible, so yeah...

    P.S Is it supposed to be Alice or Kristi? I didn't know since she has had Alice longer but used to be Kristi when she was a baby but really really good just tha same!

    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOOOOOOO GREAT!!!!! You guys are going to LOVE what is coming!!! :DOOOOO YAY!!!! - eats one of the cookies Martha made!! -  GASP!! Martha and Lucy should do another blog post! My sister and I LOVE THOSE!!!

    GOLDENPUPPYgoldenpuppypicturetacocatTHANKS TACOCAT!!

  • :O oh I love it!!
    ~~~~~~~neonheartssignature02~~ ~~~~~
  • WOW this is so amazing!!!! I can't wait to hear what happens next!!
  • Thanks guys!! :) I cannot wait to get more into this season! Wouldn't have gotten this far without your supports.  ^o^ Really puts a smile on my face. :) (And yes @goldenpuppy I totally agree! And glad that you liked your part!) Stay tuned for Part 2 everyone. ^_^

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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