Rose's Super Blog - Post 15 - A Interesting Day!

So it has been a long time since I last made a blog post so I'm finally doing another one! Here I go!

So at the start of the day was really frustrating. I got angry and lost my camping trip. My school is doing a camping trip that will have swimming, canoeing(maybe its a guess) and Archery! Archery sounds like a cool experience which is why I want to go! Back in June I went camping on another island for the first time and it was cool! We swam in the ocean and it was super cold but still fun! And we canoed and we did cabin skits and my cabin ding dong ditched some other cabins LOL. (It was my idea! xD) It was a amazing 3 days!  Anyways back on topic! So this could be my very last time camping which is also why I want to go and I may of just thrown it out the window by getting angry. So there was this fair a event and Elsa and Anna were there there was free ice cream! I also tried to say sorry and now if I behave I can earn my camping trip back. I got 12 days to do that cause thats when the forms to go are due! So I have to try not to get angry. To be honest I usually am negative and start acting negative when something got me angry and I should really work on not being negative and posting something angry on message boards when something happens and be more positive!

Anyways we were supposed to go to the park with my sister in law, nephew brother and sister but then it was cancelled! I was so upset! I thought my entire day was ruined then. But then later on we got to go and went to find fish in the creek! We didn't find any so we went to a golf course with a pond to go find some! I saw somebody from my old school there which was awesome! There was ducks there so I tried to get one to come close to me which I did a bit but my nephew was scaring them away! After we tried to go find some frogs but we didn't find any so we followed my brother somewhere and we got lost! I kept saying we should go back the way we came from but nobody listened! It was fine though it was still fun. When there was a possible way through the bushes they would be too prickly to go through so it would be a dead end. It started to get dark! It was exciting! We eventually found a way out and went on the trail to the road! So whe we were walking back we were at my friends street so I was trying to see and find which house was his house I don't know for sure but I have 2/3 guesses on which one it was!

Thanks for reading! I will also start doing a question of the day so here is the question! I'll also answer the questions below too!

Have you ever passed a old friend you haven't seen in a while's street or house?

My answer: Yep! That happened today as mentioned but it was my first time it has happened!

I will also try to do more blog posts and maybe do more on VFK!
"May the stars shine down on you."
-Rosalina ♥


  • wow @Super_Princess_Rosalina this was such a fun blog post!! it sounds like you had a really exciting day!!! thanks for posting this it made me SMILE :D  <:-P <:-P
    cant wait to see more of your blog posts!!

  • LOL camping on the island must have been awesome!!  I love meeting old friends, were they the same as you remembered them being!?
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  • Omg!!! Loved loved loved loved This post, Love your posts so eager for the next one!!

  • @Doodlepufflove Thanks! It was fun! Look out for more blog posts! :D

    @yellowsummerdaisy Yea camping back then was fun! It would be nice to try it again! And it was a bit dark so my friend or their parents didn't come out. I'm not even sure which house was theirs I had 3/2 guesses but I know we passed it somewhere. There could be a chance they were asleep cause it was getting dark so I knew that they would not come but it would of been cool if they did! I was talking about my friend being on the street to my sis in law so I'm kind of worried I was being loud that they heard me! D: Shouldn't over react though as its probably fine cause I'm usually quiet!

    @SportyChic Thanks! Can't wait to find something to blog about next time so keep a eye out! :D
    "May the stars shine down on you."
    -Rosalina ♥
  • I'm bringing this back with a update! I earned my camping trip back and I'm bringing in the form tomorrow to go! Also I'm trying to think of something to post for my next blog post so keep a watch for it!
    "May the stars shine down on you."
    -Rosalina ♥
  • @Super_Princess_Rosalina i always really like your blog posts :) when will you be posting another?


    oh his hair... if I could only touch his hair
    Alan Rickman - 1946 - 2016  :(
  • showjumpingbird said:

    @Super_Princess_Rosalina i always really like your blog posts :) when will you be posting another?

    Thanks! And I'm trying to find something to blog about and I'm trying to make it not negative cause a lot of my blog posts have been about positivity and negativity and I want to do something different cause I don't know if I'm starting to annoy people with it. I'll try to make one as soon as possible so keep a look out! :)
    "May the stars shine down on you."
    -Rosalina ♥
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