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Hey viewers!

We have been thinking a lot about the show and decided it is time to do a Farewell Show. We have had a blast the last few months, but think it's time for THIS season to be over. We want to thank EVERYONE for watching and supporting the show. It means the world to me! AND the show will be BACK in summer for SEASON 2!!

So we have a SPECTACULAR show planned for the Farewell Show!! Countless interviews planned including @VFK_Vintage, @SportyChic, @iSharkBubblesPoohdent, and MORE that will be announced soon!!

PLUS We had some SURPRISE AMAZING GUESTS!! VFK_Tazz, VFK_Enigma, VFK_Surfer, VFK_Mintie, AND VFK_Vintage all stopped by!!!


We are having a spectacular ICE CREAM giveaway also!! So comment below to enter!!

Will have more info as to what is next for everyone during the show!

Episode is scheduled to premiere this FRIDAY!!



  • I'll miss VFK Today! But I can't wait for this fun episode and for season two! :) It's been really fun filming it over the months! And yes, thank you to the fans of VFK Today! ^_^ Couldn't have done this without you guys! :)

    Btw, I would like to enter the giveaway haha. Gl everyone! 

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Aww I loved VFK Today! I'm going to miss it! Can't wait to see it again in the summer! I had fun being a contributor for the last few months although I wasn't able to make it alot of times. I'll enter the giveaway for the ice! Thank you for this amazing show @CandyCars and I look forward to season 2 in the summer! :)
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  • Looking forward to season two! :)

    I joined VFK on September 22nd 2013 <3 
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    DUDE you scared me! I thought you meant this was the last episode ever! I was like nooooo  :-O

    Anyways..The farewell show sounds super exciting and I can't wait for season 2! :)
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  • Thx for having me on the show!:'D  VFK Today is like the bomb I love your show very much!:)
  • I am excited to be more available for episodes next season.  Thanks for the fun time
  • Sad to see the show go for now, but I am so excited that you're bringing it back for a second season! I'm entering the giveaway - Title: VictoryRose
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  • ive come to enter just for the fun of it! GL everyone!!!
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  • Aww, see you! I just want to say thank you for everyone's hard work put into the show. You guys are surely appreciated by many of us! And another bonus: your videos could attract other people and introduce them to the game. VFK Today was really successful this season and I can't wait for the next one. :) 
  • Entries close on THURSDAY! Make sure to get all your friends to enter!! We are adding a runner up prize of a PENGUIN HOOD! :D
  • Awesome_Piper said:

    DUDE you scared me! I thought you meant this was the last episode ever! I was like nooooo  :-O

    Anyways..The farewell show sounds super exciting and I can't wait for season 2! :)
    OMG I KNOW!! I almost died when i read it!  I love it sooo much! Then it was all phew!!!!  coming back in the summer!  So glad to hear that!!

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    I will miss it until  it comes back

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  • ARGG I forgot to enter :((((

  • SportyChic said:

    ARGG I forgot to enter :((((


    No you didn't! :)

    PS Everyone me and Pinky are announcing new spring projects on the show!
  • Oh Ok I see Thursday thing now, I was  to lazy to even finish it I gess :)) #:-S

  • Man I'm gonna miss it!  Looking forward to the last episode though!!  I am still epically happy with my panda hood!! THANKS again!!!

    I wish ya all luck on winning!!!
  • Sounds like an amazing show! I can't wait to watch it!  And Yay yay yay new season this summer, That is so awesome!  Thanks for not ending it @CandyCars!

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  • Happy to announce Alesha and Genie are joining the line up of guests!! :D
  • Entries closing tonight!
  • OMG Season finale!!! so cool, it sounds like it will be  jam packed with all sorts of fun stuff!!

    Title: ColourzRnice

    goood luck everyone!!
  • i read the title, and was so relieved to see in the post that you were bringing it back in the summer!!! cant wait to see this week's episode tomorrow :)

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    oh his hair... if I could only touch his hair
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  • Aww man its ending already? I haven't got to watch them come out much!  Looking forward to season 2 though, it might be a nice idea to separate them into seasons, everyone does it!  soo good thinking!

    Anyway I don't know if this is legal but Entering again!!

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  • Omg so exciting!!!!  YAY I love season finales!

    title: Skylamb!

    Good luck everyone!!
  • SkyLamb said:

    Omg so exciting!!!!  YAY I love season finales!

    title: Skylamb!

    Good luck everyone!!
    Just in time!! :D Was posting entries closed when your comment appeared xD

    Good luck all!! :D
  • Am I still in time?  I hope so!! I would hate to miss the last one!

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  • Yes Neon you are okay, but entries are now closed. Good luck all! :)
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