Rose Super Blog - Post 14 - EARTHQUAKE!!!!

Okay so I was about to play for a bit but I went upstairs to check my iPad for a bit and then I saw my sisters room shaking.. I thought it was like a ghost at first but it was a EARTHQUAKE! We all ran downstairs and I'm so scared.. It only lasted like a second so I hope more wont happen in the middle of the night... I need to think positive right now and not think of what ifs or negatively.. I'm gonna try and be calm too nothing has happened yet so wish me luck! I'll update this post to what happens next..
"May the stars shine down on you."
-Rosalina ♥


  •    Eek my town has had an earthquake many times so I know how it feels like! at first I thought my sis was hiding and shaking stuff until I got an alert on my phone GL!! 

  • I hope everybody is doing OK over there. You're doing well to stay calm, good luck :)
  • Oh wow that sounds scary!  I have never expericance that but I hope it doesn't happen again!
  • wow. Stay safe I hope it hasnt happened again.
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