Chapter ten I am stuck

Hi does anyone know what we do after we talk to aunt  about the book. I went back to the lodge I cant get the guy on the porch about the stroll . I however talk to aunt but am not allowed to find the book on shelf yet . Please help am I missing something?

Thank you if you can help


  • once u talk to cousin at cabin row across lake  go to lodge , talk to guy on porch select the correct script about the walk ( starts with G'day Alex ) he will tell you going for a stroll you select script saying Enjoy your walk  next scene shows u key for his room

    for the  aunt .part  after you inspected alex's room and clicked on all the things listed in hints put key back on porch go call aunt then lodge go downstairs to living room ( not cabin library) book is on top shelf left side as disfaniam wrote in her help post follow them .....they are correct

  • thank you how do I select script my computer does not have a paste option it is a older computer lol
  • oh I get it thank you grumpy hugs ty ty
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