trading pirate space bottles.. [ also looking for credits]

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trading pirate bottles for 15K per

Mostly in need of angora.. I'm sorry If I turn down some offers without angora.. I might come back to your trade!


1 bottle = 10 fluffs

2 bottles = 2 Angora thread

3 bottles = 1 yarn

Baumwolle or Wool

1 bottle = 27 Baumwoll or Wool

2 bottles = 9 Baumwolle or Wool Thread

3 bottles = 3 Baumwolle or Wool  Cloth

Gossamer [ doesn't matter the color ]

1 bottle = 18 Gossamer

2 bottle = 6 Gossamer Thread

3 Bottles = 2 Gossamer Cloth 

Elemental Bottles or Dye [ prefer a mixture ]

1x bottle = 15 dye

2x bottle = 25 dye

3x bottle = 40 dye

Gold Stamp Patterns

1x bottle = 4 patterns


1x bottle = 10 Reedies

Give me an offer for mixture of items!

Patterns I need..


[750GS] Alligator Socks - Girls

[600GS] Giraffe Top

[600GS] Giraffe Shorts

[600GS] Zebra Top

[600GS] Zebra Shorts

[600GS] Angora Cover-up

[750GS] Merchant Daughter Cape

[750GS] Angora Mutze

[600GS] Pirate Camping Backpack

[750GS] Camouflage Camping Backpack

[750GS] Camping Weekend Wear - Bandana

[750GS] Camping Weekend Wear - Top

[750GS] Camping Weekend Wear - Shorts

[750GS] Camping Weekend Wear - Overshirt

[750GS] Angora Knitting Hat

[750GS] Angora Striped Socks

[750GS] Merchant Daughter Skirt

[750GS] Merchant Daughter Top


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