ISO for light blue ears.

looking for -

Light blue ears.

Can offer 100K and a set of butterfly kites.I have the following baskets for trade. Thanks

purple basket purple bunny
pink basket white bunny x2
green basket white bunny
green basket green turtle x2
green basket blue turtle
blue basket purple turtle
blue basket green bunny
blue basket white bunny
blue basket green turtle
purple basket pink bunny x5
purple basket cream bunny x4
pink basket pink bunny x4
purple basket pink turtle x2
purple basket purple turtle x2
pink basket cream turtle x2
blue basket blue turtle x2
green basket green bunny x5
blue basket white turtle
purple basket white turtle x4
purple basket cream turtle x2
green basket blue bunny
pink basket pink turtle x3
green basket cream turtle x2
pink basket purple bunny x3



  • i have
    blue basket cream turtle
    blue basket purple bunny

    i can sell to you
  • edited April 9
    Thanks I was able to get the baskets. Still looking for light blue ears. Can trade 100k for them and a set of butterfly kites, or lmk what you need? Thanks
  • edited April 22
    Are you still ISO for the ears? I have them this year right?  I'll take your offer
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

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