This is my baby Rocco, went to heaven today, no more pain..


  • Awww  Bingo. He looks so sweet!  So sorry for your loss.  BIg HUGS to you!
  • Oh Bingo, I'm so sorry! -hugs-

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  • So sorry Bingo.   Hugs to you and yours.
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    He looks like such a sweet puppy!! This must be such a hard time for you (((HUGS BINGO)))


  • So sorry for your loss Bingo, sending you love <3
  • Sorry about Rocco, bingo.  He rests in peace now and in your heart forever.
  • Hugs Bingo, sorry to hear about your loss.
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    Aww what an awesome looking doggy!  So sorry he had to go to heaven, but they are happy now :) Yes no more pain! -hugs -
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss! 

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    I'm sorry for your loss...-hugs for a million years- he looks adorable<3
  • I hope he is wagging his tail in doggy Heaven… I pray you can be reunited one day.  Hugs bingo 
  • So sad hearing about this.  Pets are family, too.  (Flame hugs) and prayers

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  • So sorry Bingo, my heart goes out to you. I know it is like losing a part of your family. Big hugs to you.
  • oh bingo,  I had no idea!  I'm so sorry...  your little dog looks so sweet, nice and cute, he will be deeply missed, but you will meet again!   sending lots of hugs to you!  You were a great mom!

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  • Thank you for sharing this picture of Rocco, what a sweet looking dog. I'm very sorry for your loss. <3
  • I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your fur baby.  He looks so sweet.  I hope the good memories you had with him put a smile on your face and help to ease your grieving.
  • what a sweet looking boy, bingo. so sorry - i know how hard it is to lose our beloved pets. they are family too. sending you loads of hugs! 



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