Using 1 spinning wheel in craft shop for everything..

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Most of you know you can do multiple spins in the craft shop to get your wool/angora/web done faster, but i noticed alot of people doing this using multiple spinners and you don't have too.  Just use 1 machine for everything.  Use video below as an example.

Works with the Loom too for the cloths.


  • Oh gosh!  I had no idea how to do that!  This should really help people and also cut down on people taking all the machines!

    Great video @Brain-Freeze

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  • WHat a fantastic video.. I have gone there so many times and saw that 1 person was using everything in the shop for so long so I hope this helps with that problem.. :)
  • @Brain-Freeze cool! Thank you!
    Thank you TACOCAT for my awesome signature pic!
  • WOW really cool! Thank you lots!

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  • I don't craft much but when I do, I'll use this!  2 thumbs up @Brain-Freeze  :-bd :-bd
  • Somebody taught me this at the crafting place, forgot his title but this is really useful! :)

  • Whoa! Really cool! Thanks!! What a time saver this will be!
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