Kitten's suggestion thread

General ideas:
  • Curved pumpkin and gingerbread walls
  • Point indicator for mini games/show how close you are to mastering
  • Fairy breath Poinsettia furni/harvestable
  • Mini nativity OR a nativity yard sign that’s like a medium/small size (think the sizes of the doll house or the reindeer yard lights from a long time ago)
  • Candy cane walls
  • A winter sky mural / more buyable murals in general 
  • Pattern that similar to the eraser bushes but able to be made into other colors, specifically black/dark blue

Here are my Gold Stamp / VIP ideas. Idk about anyone else, but I have SO many stamps and only spend them during antiques, halloween or for fog for building, so these are just a few thoughts I had that could cost a decent amount of stamps so those of us long time VIPS could spend some of our stamps

Gold Stamp Ideas:
  • A way to make heirloom plants decorative (either harvestable or toggle the growth cycle off ) costing gold stamps. This would allow players to be able to use our beautiful heirloom plants in builds and other rooms, while also giving us VIPs another useful way to spend stamps. If staff wanted to go “hard mode” they could make it cost more, maybe like 50k stamps so that way we don’t do it ALL the time. If turned into “decorative” mode, the item would be furni and not at all harvestable for seeds.
  • A way for us to name our pets without sending helps to staff all the time -- I know I hate bugging staff for this, and to make it easier, they could only allow words in VFK’s dictionary
  • Another type of gold stamp store or maybe a different category in Buffy’s that would allow us VIPs to be able to purchase items from past memberships -- HOWEVER, we would only be able to see / be allowed to purchase items from memberships tied to that account. For example, if I have only purchased the Swan Lake membership ever in my entire account history, I would only be allowed to buy items from the Swan Lake membership with my gold stamps. 


  • Definitely like the gold stamp ideas.
    Maybe we could have a special valentine themed release for the gold stamp holders as well?
    I joined VFK on September 22nd 2013 <3 
  • @Holly That would be amazing!!
  • I love to have another special gold stamp valentine's outfit. 200629-nendoroid-doll-outfit-set-sakura-miku-hanami-outfit-ver
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