Just discovered this nifty feature from the new Fortune Cookie candies! If you click them, they will give you tons of advice, all halloweeny, hah. So here I tried to get all the phrases... Let me know if I missed anything. SO MUCH PUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. It's hiding in the leaves.
2. You'll have a ghost of a time tonight
3. Revamp your vampire lair today!
4. A duck just waddled over your grave.
5. Howl-ween is the best time to be a wolf!
6. Someone is dying to meet you!
7. Ghoul friends are hard to come by.
8. There's a spider in your hair.
9. Beware of werewolves!
10. October.  Here today, ghoul tomorrow.
11. Don't take any shortcuts tonight.
12. Channel your inner skeleton today!
13. You've got a lot of spirit!
14. Reanimate your imagination.
15. Zombody loves you.
16. Scare up some Halloween cheer tonight!
17. Don't look up!  Keep reading, maybe it will go away.
18. Hug a zombie today!
19. Ghosts are naturally attracted to you.
20. Don't look under the table.
21. You are pale and spooky!
22. Some zombies just want a hug.
23. Leave the skeleton in the closet.
24. The shadows move when you're not looking.
25. This Halloween is going to be a scream!
26. Shhhhh. They're listening...
27. There's a spider on your keyboard.
28. You'll never guess what's standing behind you!
29. Surprise someone in a very Halloween manner!
30. Who's that knocking on your cellar door?
31. Something scary lies ahead of you.
32. Greetings from the other side.
33. Remember to leave some candy for the next ghoul.
34. You are on the mind of a vampire!
35. Help! I'm being held prisoner in a fortune cookie factory.
36. You will become better acquainted with a spirit.
37. Did you hear that?
38. Try your hand at hypnotism.
39. It's never too late to scare someone!
40. Make a new start with an old friend.
41. Don't listen to the voices...
42. Not every ghost is just a nobody.
43. Live like you're undead!
44. Plan for many frights ahead!
45. Never forget how sticky spider web is.
46. Be aware, your friend's hand is not cold and clammy.
47. Witch costume will you wear this year?
48. Show your Halloween spirit today!
49. A skeleton would look great in your yard this year.
50. Don't look behind you.
51. Don't leave home without a flashlight.
52. Some zombies just want a hug.
53. Avoid cold dark places today.
54. You liven up the gravest gatherings!
55. Be sure to lock your basement door.
56. Today is a good day to GHOST a Halloween party!
57. Your personality could light up a jack-o-lantern!
58. I think they're waiting for you outside...
59. today is a good day to go tomb shopping.

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