Looking for New Year's 2023 Gift Shop Items

I seem to have neglected to buy the following items from the Gift Shop. Does anyone have extras they would be willing to trade?

New Year's 2023 Glasses
  • Have Green, Silver, Gold
  • Need Red, Blue, Black, Purple
New Year's 2023 Party Hat
  • Need Red, Green, Blue, Black, Purple, Silver, Gold
New Years 2023 Banner
  • Need Gold and Rainbow
New Year's 2023 Tiara
  • Need Green, Black, Purple, Gold, Red, Blue, Silver
New Years 2023 Balloon
  • Need Color Changing, Red, Teal, Blue, Purple, Green, Onyx



  • I wish I could help... but somehow you've made me just discover that I'm in the exact same situation as you. I don't understand how this could have happened... I am truly baffled.
  • Thanks. I guess VFK got my Help call and added those items back to the Gift Shop.
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