More Cabin/Wood Construction Supplies

It's getting to that chilly time of year again, so I've got cabin(building) fever, hahah. So one of my favorite ways to inspire myself is to browse houses and buildings online of the type I'm itching to build. Right now it's chalets, snowy cabins, and ski lodges. The current wood construction options have me feeling limited on VFK, so here's a post for some of the options I'd love in VFK. They could either go in Icetastic, the General Store, or the Western Mercantile as they're primarily wood-aesthetic.

Walls. Wood-slat walls in Vertical and Horizontal directions. Thin wall. Range from 1x1 to 4x4 with Doorway option.

Wood 1
Wood 2

Floor. Wood plank style. Dark glossy and light matte/regular/nonglossy. 1x1 and 2x2 sizes flat, and half-block-height floating balcony version. Stair version similar to small-size stairs already available on VFK.

Wood 3
Wood 4

Windows. A glass panel with a tiny black frame around it that can be tiled to the player's desire. 1x1 and 2x2 sizes.

Window 1
Window 2

Support beam construction. Floating. Square wood and Round Log. 1x1. Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal options. Also add a diagonal support beam to the Tudor Balcony series in Merlin's.
Support 1
Support 2
Support 3
Support 4

Railings. Regular, Corner, and Diagonal Stair version.
Stair 1
Stair 2

Roofs. With and without wall attached. Floating. Inner and Outer corner options. Clay-colored shingles.
Roof 1

Balcony door. A 4x4 Glass-Panel door with one open half and metal frame for players to create windowed balconies. A side option is to have a 2-panel 4x4 panel wall to create a larger glass wall with.
Balcony Door 2
Balcony Door

Large Chandelier. A chandelier 3x3 in floor space, wooden with lampshades and long chain to hang by.

The goal would be to have the walls all be a consistent color to be used in any combination the player desires, with the floors a complementary contrasting color to distinguish the surfaces. I think the following array would allow for a wide variety of combined usages to allow for nearly any shape and size of structure or room. I hope this is clear and doable. ^.^ Thank you for your read and consideration.


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