Napoleon's Wild Ride: game suggestion ideas


For the upcoming mini game that will be in Colonial Age, I was thinking of these samples from another game that I've played before with their simple mechanism. You can use these ideas as foundations/skeleton for the game and then build it up and just add some variety if you will, to tailor it more with your vision. Can't wait for more additional updates in Colonial Age and I've been enjoying the upgrades in rooms like the new Quake! Keep it up!




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  • Hi Gift, I forgot to check out this thread.

    These are actually really good examples for a gameplay style. I think a more mindless but difficult game like this could be really fun.

    I think all 3 examples are similar and could be an easy to pick up game, fun, but hard to master/get a high score.

    I could easily see this being the Paul revere wild ride type of game, but instead of a horse, ride the big blue ox. It could be fun if they let us play with up to 4 players too, it would be competitive to see who lasts the longest and get the highest score.

    @vfk_mintie @vfk_enigma @vfk_nitro good idea here
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