Custom Invisible Exits! (Thoughts and Idea Thread)

I had idea! So, you know how we have custom invisible entry way points where we say entry on/off to place the entrance anywhere in our rooms? What if we have this but for exits!? Now.. we already have this (sort of but different) already for the multi-room gold stamp rooms (Example: Haunted Mansion, Farm House..). Why not this but have the "way out" lead to ANY of our personal rooms we choose. It would work much like teleporters but only difference is they are invisible teleporters where when you move your mouse over it, it says "way out". We could have several in a single room and placed wherever we wanted it to be. Instead of it connecting to another rooms invisible entry point, it would connect to another "way out" in another location/room (much like a teleporter). This way the invisible entry point will still work for when players enter the room from other places of vfk. I don't know if this would be too complicated in actual game play for players though. So please share your thoughts/ideas/suggestions on the thread in regard to this. If this ends up being TOO complicated, I think maybe some more generic rug/mat teleporters would be very useful and handy. Like in multiple plain/soild colors that would work in multiple themes settings. The ones we have are game mat porters and holiday mat teleporters. Those sadly do not work in a variety of different settings. OR have the non-teleporter wood doors be made in a wood door teleporter option?
Custom Invisible Exits!?
  1. Do you like the idea of having a "Custom Invisible Exit!?
    1. YES!
    2. NO!
    3. Maybe But Depends! (I will post my idea in the thread below)

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