Valentines Suggestion for Cross word puzzles and Word search puzzles

My Idea is for Valentines day in February 2023  is to have pink walking Victorian outfits a s prizes in crossword puzzles and  word search puzzles for valentines along with heart lamps in each puzzle as a prize too. All you need to do is win too Valentines day lamps and on third  puzzle  you get the Pink walking Victorian  outfit with hat shoes, gloves  and pink umbrella. opens up carriable for girls  and The Boys would get pink Walking Victorian suit with top hat and shoes pants  and gloves too. 
Pink Walking Victorian Outfits
  1. How many people would like in the puzzles ?
    1. How many would like to wear pink Victorian outfits ?
    2. Pink Walking Victorian How many people like the Idea?


  • LOVE this idea!!  <3 
  • edited February 2023
    Can someone find out if the walking Victorian outfits are the  color pink for Valentines day  Friday night ? or ask the staff if they Walking Victorian outfits will be the color pink?
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