[Furni] More Merlin's Magic Lights, Consolidate with Rotation Color Changing, Black/Shadow Addition

I love Merlin's Magic Lights, but they are a little limited in usability. Since they act as a Spotlight with no source, we need a few more designs of them to REALLY maximize their unique abiltiies!

So I'd like to see a few directions based on light arrays we have in-game as Merlin's Magic Lights. Angled pointing-up spotlights like the Angled Award Lights; angled pointing-down spotlights like the Stadium Lights, straight-down spotlights (instead of straight-up), radiate-out lights like a Lantern/Streetlamp, and finally, sourceless lights which just brighten a spot a bit without a brighter "origin" point (maybe a 1x3 column-shaped batch of light?)

Having big/small sizes of each would also really help expand their usability, like switching from a regular-size light beam and a much "taller" beam such as the difference between a generic light and the kind the stadium lights cast.

Since this is a heavy batch of arrays, it might be more effective to make them change color upon rotation, rather than release a separate version of each color. Since color-changing LEDs exist in real life and Merlin sells the magic lights, it's not unreasonable to think the lights can change color on command, lol. With regular/bright mode accounted, it'd be 2 rotations to switch colors. It might be a little time-consuming to go through all the rotations, but it saves on buying individual colors and figuring out which color works best in a scene by placing each one in a spot one-after-the-other.

Lastly, to keep on the "magic" theme, I'd really like a black/shadow color of light to be added, a "dark light" as it were, hahah. Shadows really add a lot to a scene, and the Black Planes, although effective, also don't have a "fade-in" wall so they are hard to use transitionally. Black magic lights could really help selectively darken parts of a room, from back corners to undersides of large objects, and even more uses.

Now that I've thought about it, a Black Plane with faded edges would also be nice, as a final side note, lol.

If any questions are needed for clarity, let me know and I'll do my best to reword myself if needed. ^^
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